Our reputation

The majority of our clients came to us on recommendation and, after 25 years of accounting in Gainsborough, that adds up to quite a few! Most of them were referred to us because they were looking for more from an accountant.

At Blue Box Accounting you'll find a team of professionals who care. You'll also find much more than you are used to. That's why our clients continue to recommend us to their friends and business contacts.

I was made redundant during the last recession and I was encouraged to set up my own company.
I knew nothing about running a business and the Blue Box team helped me get to grips with the financial aspects. Their charges are not over the top and the tax rebates certainly help!

David Braithwaite, Whitby

Making things simple

We understand what it's like to run a business - it's what we do ourselves every day. We know exactly what you might experience when starting a business in a recession (we've been there before) and realise that a big life change is a difficult decision to make. However, we can show you that it doesn't have to be complicated and will help you make the right choices to suit your circumstances.

We also know how to manage all that red tape and how to save you tax, while helping you to keep the VAT and TAX man happy! It's simply what we do.

We're considering going Limited and I know they'll be very honest about whether this is the right move for us. They get straight to the point and are really nice people.

Craig Bland, Misterton MOT, Gainsborough

Saying it how it is

Some accountants can over-embellish what they want to say. Since the beginning, we've tried to ensure that our advice is clear and simple.

We're a small practice of like-minded enthusiastic individuals, who enjoy what we do. We know that we need to be approachable and understand that not everybody's specialist subject is 'accounts'.

We take the time to explain to those clients who want to understand the financial aspects of their business, and provide them with choices, so they can decide the best approach for them. Some people just leave us to get on with it so they can 'do something more interesting instead!'.